Winning Proposal Development

Winning Proposals Workshop Description

This 2-day highly interactive program is one of our most requested and helps you institutionalize a winning proposal development process. The program provides an in-depth presentation of all proposal steps to create winning proposals.


  • Institutionalize a winning proposal development process that focuses on win strategy, communication, and reviews that greatly enhance win rates
  • Enables proposal teams to work on multiple opportunities
  • Develops skills in creating differentiators
  • Enhances relationship between Account Managers and proposal teams
  • Builds teamwork with confidence in process

Recommended Audience

Account Managers

Proposal Managers

Proposal Writers

Proposal Coordinators and anyone else having participation in proposal efforts

Program Outline

  • Introduction
  • Importance of a Proposal Process
  • Introduction to 4 Ps Business Development Model
  • Position Phase overview
  • Prepare Phase in depth – creating a winning strategy
  • Propose Phase in Depth
  • RFP Analysis
  • Team Interactions and Dependencies
  • Schedules
  • Addressing Multiple Audiences
  • Layout, Graphics and Other Design Elements
  • Key Issues Analysis
  • Features/Benefits
  • Executive Summary (1, 2, 4, 8 page versions
  • Proposal Writing Techniques
  • Proposal Differentiation Techniques
  • Color Teams
  • Post Mortem

Winning Proposals Consulting Services

For key opportunities we strongly recommend our participation at key points during an effort to win a specific opportunity with the best proposal possible. In collaboration with your Proposal Manager, we determine the areas we can provide the most benefit. Typically this would include at a minimum, participation in developing the proposal win strategy, identification of proposal themes, and color team reviews. We can also assist with writing sections, developing layout ideas, and compliance checking.


Having a proposal development expert working with your team will improve your potential for winning. This will benefit your team and company by:

  • Providing objective assistance in guiding your proposal team
  • Facilitating your team to develop an effective win strategy
  • Facilitating discussions regarding proposal themes and layout
  • Leading color team reviews


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