Winning Presentation Development

Winning Presentations Workshop Description

The emphasis of this 2-day fully interactive Winning Presentations Development program is to provide a structure and practices to prepare teams who will participate in customer/owner interviews. This crucial event is often not thought of until a few days before the interview and the lack of structure and practice often leads to failure to achieve the win.


  • Increases win rate
  • Builds team cohesion before presentation
  • Improves individual presentation skills
  • Develops culture of presentation preparations
  • Stimulates creative thinking to differentiate company during interview stage

Recommended Audience

Senior Leaders

Account Managers

Proposal Managers

Project Managers


Specialized Experts (IT, Safety, etc.; as needed)

Program Outline

  • Fast Networking Exercise
  • Benchmarking Exercise
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Methods to Prepare for Owner Interview
  • Delivery Skills and Behaviors
  • Developing Persuasive Content
  • Body Language
  • Creating Differentiation
  • Developing Key Messages
  • Storyboarding the Presentation
  • Using Visual Components (graphics, diagrams, BIM, etc.)
  • Presentation Preparations
  • Handling Questions and Objections
  • Presenting Under Difficult Situations
  • Presentation Development and Practice

Winning Presentation Preparations And Practice (Consulting For A Specific Opportunity)

If you are facing an impending Owner interview, this is great news. Victory is within your grasp. You only need to perform better than 3 – 5 other companies. Now is the time to pull out all stops and create a presentation that clearly communicates to the Owner that your company would be the best choice.

We strongly recommend that you consider bringing in a professional to facilitate your preparations. Our presentation experts will help you create a strong presentation. We then work with your team through a series of practice sessions that will ensure that your team is comfortable in their presentations skills. If any team members need additional coaching on their skills, we provide it.


Having a professional consultant facilitate your team’s preparations will give you these benefits:

  • Confidence that your organization is committed and fully prepared for the interview
  • Creation of a presentation that clearly differentiates your company and your offer from the competition
  • Improve the delivery skills of every member of your interview team
  • Leave a strong impression with the Owner that will be remembered when the evaluation team meets to select the winner
  • Development of a cohesive team that will deliver your messages smoothly and with confidence


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