Win Strategy Development

Win Strategy Development Workshop Description

Win Strategy development is a key step in the business development process. It is a methodical process that includes the analysis of all information about an Owner and their opportunity. A Win Strategy answers the question: Why Choose Us? This is accomplished by focusing on four areas:

  • Highlighting Strengths
  • Mitigating Our Weaknesses
  • Defending Against Competitor Strengths
  • Ghosting Competitor Weaknesses

This program guides participants through the process to analyze the information needed to develop a strategy that leads the proposal in answering the four topics above.


The outcome of this workshop is a Win Strategy that will guide your proposal development strategy efforts. Specifically, your team will be able to:

  • Use a structure to guide them in identifying a win strategy for a potential customer/owner
  • Use the Key Issues Analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, competitor strengths and competitor weaknesses
  • Use the GIFBP tool to link features and benefits of your offer
  • Identify your differentiators
  • Communicate the Win Strategy to others in the organization

Recommended Audience

Senior Leadership

Account Managers

Proposal Managers

Proposal Development Team

Program Outline

  • Introductions
  • Fast Networking Exercise
  • Developing a Win Strategy
  • Opportunity Self-SWOT Analysis and Exercise
  • Introduction to the Key Issues Analysis Tool
  • Creation of Win Themes
  • Developing a Foundation for Proposal Development Using the GIFBP Model
  • Identifying Differentiators and How to Use Them to Win

Win Strategy Development Consulting

Developing a Win Strategy requires focus and an interactive session that enables multiple viewpoints and ideas to be presented. Our Win Strategy Consulting is the most effective way to have a professional facilitator lead your team through the KIA and GIFBP tools to reach a consensus on an effective Win Strategy. This saves time for your team and through the facilitator, bring the best ideas possible to be discussed in the creation of the Win Strategy.


The Win Strategy Consulting program will keep your team focused on quickly developing a Win Strategy. The Win Strategy will be well-thought out and key to ensuring each member of the team knows what differentiators to focus on in writing the proposal.

The KIA and GIFBP tools will be completed during this 8-hour session (typical) and proposal writers will know what features and benefits will be key to the success of the proposal.


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