Color Team Participation

Color Team Participation Description

It can be guaranteed that companies using color teams to guide their strategy and proposal reviews will win more often than those that do a haphazard review. We strongly recommend, at a minimum, that a “Red Team” be used to review the close-to-final proposal.

In this service, we provide a Red Team participant that is objective and experienced in reviewing proposals. Working with the proposal team and other Red Team reviewers, the result is an assessment of whether the proposal is compliant with the RFP, communicates well, and highlights the reasons the company should be chosen.


There is no question that a Red Team review will give you an indication of how well your proposal meets the customer’s needs and requirements. In addition, having a Benchmark Learning International representative as part of your Red Team will:

  • Bring a fresh, objective assessment of your proposal and how well it responds to the RFP
  • Identify areas that can be written better to be in alignment with the proposal’s win strategy
  • Identify any areas of non-compliance and recommend mitigation of these areas
  • Provide specific guidance on how to improve the proposal layout and graphics
  • Identify any areas of process weakness that can be improved upon for the next opportunity


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