Business Development Roadmap


A company’s reputation is established by how well it accomplishes its projects. The delivery team is under a microscope and its performance has a direct impact on the company’s future. Perform focuses on the delivery team’s behaviors and the steps needed to improve performance in the field. Perform includes:


  • Perform 1Lessons Learned: Win or lose, gather your business development team together to review what worked and did not work well throughout the process. The output should be recommendations on changes that should be made to your processes.
  • Owner Debrief: If your owner offers a debrief, take advantage of the opportunity whether you have won or lost. Prepare for this session by listing your questions about the owner’s perceptions of your proposal and presentation.
  • Behavioral Differentiation: You made a lot of promises in your proposal and presentation. During Perform you have the opportunity to fulfill those promises and exhibit behaviors that validate the owner’s decision to work witPerform 2h your team.
  • Owner Management: Project managers and superintendents are in a position to influence owner decisions, including new programs. Field teams should be proactive in helping owners solve problems.
  • Ongoing Improvement: Whether in the field or the proposal team, steps should be taken to continually improve your processes and how you accomplish your team’s goals.
  • Opportunity Development: Those in the field often learn of new opportunities the owner may be developing. You can help the owner explore these opportunities and how to make them come to fruition.

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