Leadership in the Construction Industry

Leadership in the Construction Industry Workshop Description

Using our 30-competency leadership model and the text, The Leadership Compass: Mapping Your Leadership Direction, this interactive 8-hour workshop helps develop the leadership skills and behaviors for managers and other leaders in your company.


Creating a leadership culture in your organization will lead to better results in all facets of your business, including:

  • Common leadership language throughout the organization
  • Increased leadership skills and behaviors for field personnel who must interact with subcontractors and Owners
  • Greater understanding of leadership competencies such as problem solving, integrity, communications, conflict management, influencing, and others.
  • Stronger reputation in the marketplace as an organization with a leadership culture


Recommended Audience

Project Executives

Project Managers


Specialized Managers (IT, HR, Business Development, etc.)

Program Outline

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Development Assessment
  • P1 – Persuasive Vision
  • P2 – Positive Results
  • P3 – Personal Character
  • P4 – People Skills
  • Functioning as a Leadership Team

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