Key Account Planning and Management

Key Account Planning Workshop Description

Far too many people responsible for bringing in opportunities do it “by the seat of their pants” and do not use any structured account planning. In this 2-day interactive workshop we provide participants with two levels of account plans – Normal and Key. After reviewing the purpose and content of each section, participants work in teams to develop a draft account plan (typically for a current opportunity). Teams then present their plans to the group for assessment and feedback.


The outcome of this workshop is an account management system that will guide your business development strategy efforts. Specifically, your team will be able to:

  • Identify accounts as Normal or Key Accounts
  • Use a structure to guide them in identifying a win strategy for a potential customer/owner
  • Be more focused in determining what information is needed and how to gain that information from potential customers and other sources
  • Understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop a win strategy that will drive the development of a winning proposal

Recommended Audience

Senior Leadership

Account Managers

Proposal Managers

Others tasked with identifying new business opportunities

Program Outline

  • Introductions
  • Fast Networking Exercise
  • Introduction to the 4Ps Business Development Model
  • SWOT Analysis and Exercise
  • Introduction to Key Account Plan Model
  • Competitor Analysis and Exercise
  • Key Account Planning and Development Exercise
  • Key Account Plan Presentations
  • Key Account Manager’s Role in Proposals and Owner Presentations

Key Account Planning & Management Consulting

Using our Normal and Key Account planning tools, we work with your teams to develop a specific key account plan for an opportunity. Using our facilitation techniques and structured tools and models, your team carries the load to build an account management process. Typically, this consulting can be done in 2 days working with an account team (including Proposal Manager) of 4 – 8 people.


This rapid development of a key account plan enables you to fast track the benefits of having a roadmap to achieving the best results in pursuing an opportunity. In addition to giving your team practice developing and managing a key account, your team will:

  • Practice engaging each other and facilitating the development of a key account plan
  • Facilitate gaining a variety of perspectives on what you know about a potential key account
  • Institutionalize the account planning process


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