Business Development Roadmap Overview

Business Development Roadmap Overview Description

This 4-hour interactive program is designed to give field personnel an appreciation of the business development process. Using our Business Development 4P Roadmap™, we review each step of the process, focusing primarily on the steps where field personnel can aid the account/proposal teams in their response to an opportunity.


Giving your entire team, especially field personnel, an appreciation of the business development process will provide both short- and long-term benefits.


  • Greater information gathering capabilities
  • Greater positive behavioral differentiation on projects
  • Increased customer focus leading to a strong, positive relationship with Owner
  • Better operational input into proposals and Owner interviews
  • Greater appreciation of what business development team is doing to generate opportunities

Recommended Audience

Project Executives

Project Managers

Project Superintendents

Other Field Personnel

Program Outline

The program provides an overview of each step in the 4Ps business development process.

BD Roadmap

(Find out more about the Business Development 4P Roadmap™)


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