Behavioral Differentiation for Field Personnel

Behavioral Differentiation for Field Personnel Workshop Description

The performance of your field team will determine the success of your company. Team performance goes beyond simply doing the job well. Your field teams interact with subcontractors and Owners and must develop the skills and behaviors to assure successful interactions.

This 4-hour program introduces field team members to the concept of behavioral differentiation. The program is interactive with a series of exercises to enhance skills and behaviors.


A company that performs well in the field and is easy to work with will get more work. Behavioral differentiation will ensure that you have a satisfied owner and team of subcontractors.


Recommended Audience

All Field Personnel

Program Outline

  • Introduction
  • Fast Networking Exercise
  • Behavioral Differentiation
  • Setting Behavioral Norms
  • Skills practice

How can we help improve your behavioral differentiation?