Your Roadmap to Win



A company is always positioning itself in the market place, and it must constantly assess whether their position makes sense. Determining position does not have activities directed toward a specific customer (owner) or opportunity. Rather, it demonstrates that the company has invested into the processes that define the company.


During the Prepare stage, the key account manager identifies whom to pursue, builds relationships, and gets the information needed to develop a win strategy. This strategy enables the proposal team to begin to create a proposal that communicates the right messages to the customer.


The key step in any construction competitive bid is developing a winning proposal. If you have done your Position and Prepare work, you can focus now on how to communicate your offer both in the proposal and presentation.


A company’s reputation is established by how well it accomplishes its projects. The delivery team is under a microscope and its performance has a direct impact on the company’s future. Perform focuses on the delivery team’s behaviors and the steps needed to improve performance in the field.

Winning Presentations

There are a number of purposes for the presentation, but one of the most important is that it answers one very important question for the customer – Do I want to work with these people?

Leadership Development in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is highly competitive. Senior leadership must constantly focus on acquiring and retaining the best people, especially for customer-facing leadership positions.

Business Development for Field Personnel

Field personnel have a dramatic effect on whether a company will receive competitive work in the future or not.

Ten Principles for Winning Work in 2018

Now more than ever you need to stick to some basic principles for winning work.



In collaboration with you, Benchmark Learning International provides the solutions that help you solve your business development issues. The results include an increased win rate, enhanced reputation in your industry, focused proposal development processes, and clearly differentiated interview/presentation skills.

We offer programs and services in each of our four business development stages – Position, Prepare, Propose, Perform. All of our services include the tools for each stage that can be applied to your BD efforts with every potential customer (owner).

About Us

We bring over 20 years of business development experience to help you increase your win rate. Whether through consulting on your processes or raising the bar of excellence for your proposal teams, we collaborate with you to provide impactful solutions. We have succeeded in helping some of the world’s leading corporations in the construction (AEC), technology, and communications industries.